Running a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Hiring a telemarketing services supplier to carry out an outbound telemarketing campaign might seem like a simple task, however, unless you plan and execute your campaign properly, it might not be as successful as it could have been. Firstly, the telemarketers that you hire must be an experienced group and you should take the time to sit down with them in order to flesh out the goals you want achieved with your campaign. Unless you know what you want from your telemarketing services campaign, you will not be able to get it.A good script
One of the first things that you should do after choosing your telemarketing services provider is to sit down with them and come up with a good script. The script should take into consideration what you expect from the campaign, what you want to learn from your customers and anything else you might need to know or get from each call. The success of any outbound telemarketing campaign truly relies on creating the right script for your run. Once you have a script with which you are happy, it is not time to sit back. You have to remain vigilant and after the campaign has started you should see how effective the script is. If you are not getting the kind of response you expected, then you should sit down with your telemarketers and fix or tweak the script in question to better reflect what you want.Use all media available
While telemarketing campaigns are a good way of directly marketing to your potential customers, because we live in such a mediated world, the best way to get the most for your advertising dollars is to launch an integrated campaign including mailed flyers, email flyers and an outbound telemarketing campaign. It is best to start with mailed flyers to get your client used to your logo. Next send out the email version, although many will simply get trapped in spam filters, many will get through. In the email you can mention that you will be following it up with a phone call in the following week. Lastly start your outbound telemarketing campaign. It will have the most impact when the client has had a chance to get used to your name and logo in advance.The proper timeline
Telemarketing campaigns, just like all other telemarketing services, are not meant to carry on indefinitely. They are most effective when run for a limited period of time. If the run was not as successful as you would have liked, then you can add an additional run. The most effective time for a campaign to run is 21 days, with campaigns extended sometimes up to 6 weeks. Anything more would be counter-productive.Telemarketing services offer businesses the ability to market directly to their customers. They also make it possible for a business to offer 24-hour customer service by taking over a company’s answering service after-hours. The scope and cleverness of the telemarketing services being offered by today’s call centers are among the biggest reasons why this service sector continues to grow.